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Red & White Christmas Cactus


For your friends and family, give a gift that can be enjoyed for years. A bright and festive Christmas Cactus is accented with red and white blooms, perfect for adding a touch of joy to any home. Please note that the flowers on the cactus may arrive in bud form, only to bloom after it arrives.

Happiest Holidays Poinsettia


Poinsettias make any home feel ready for the holidays with their classic, bold red flowers and green leaves. Each plant comes tied with a festive ribbon.

Merry & Bright Tiny Tree


In any space, add some festive flair with these tiny fresh trees. Perfect for apartment living, accenting a mantel or as a holiday activity with the kids, this fun-size version of our favorite traditions makes the season bright! To enjoy for years to come, simply plant this tree outdoors after the holidays are over.

Fresh & Festive Tiny Tree


Bring the beauty of the season to any space with our Fresh & Festive Tiny Tree. With white lights and its own set of ornaments, this miniature holiday tree makes for a fun activity to do with the kids or add a cheerful accent to your décor display. To enjoy for years to come, simply plant this tree outdoors after the holidays are over.

Snake Plant


With its tall, swordlike leaves, Snake Plants are beautiful and distinct plants to have in any home. They are also popular for their air purifying and low maintenance qualities. Put this plant in any corner of your home (bright or dark) for this plant to thrive.

Rustic Autumn Centerpiece


Add some freshness to your seasonal décor with a lush and fragrant centerpiece. Designed in a wooden planter, this makes a fitting gift to send to the host or for your own home.

Rattlesnake Plant


Know someone who loves lush leaves and a little bit of color? Long, wavy leaves with a reptile-like pattern on top makes the Rattlesnake Plant stand out. On the other side, you can find a rich purple hue.

Petra Croton Plant


Some of the boldest and brightest shades, add some color to you or your loved one’s home with a croton plant. On any single leaf, you can find an array of pinks, yellows and greens! This plant is best fit for a desk, a plant stand, or on a shelf.

Rustic Snake Plant Trio


Talk about squash goals. Snake plants add some freshness to any fall décor with its minimalist white pumpkin planters and modern leaf shape. These plants would look best on a desk or side table.

Snow White Amaryllis


Reminiscent of the delicate beauty of the first snow, our crisp white Amaryllis plant captures the beauty that the holiday season has to offer. As a gift for loved ones or accenting the home, this fresh plant draws you in wherever it is placed. Please note, the flowers on this Amaryllis plant comes in bud form, only to bloom after the plant has arrived.

Golden Pothos


Devil’s ivy. Money plant. Marble queen. The hardy Pothos plant has many nicknames, and is known to be a houseplant staple. This plant adds some freshness to the home, making it the perfect gift for a plant novice or anyone that will be delighted by its presence.

White Orchid

The most popular variety of this plant, the Phalaenopsis orchid makes a great gift for plant lovers and plant beginners alike! White orchids are easy to care for and add a touch of delicate beauty to any home, office or table.

Tower Succulents Trio


A favorite for gift-giving, this trio of succulents in matte mini containers are perfect for just about anyone. Succulents are easy to care for and bring a modern touch of serenity to any apartment, home or office.

Sunrise Kalanchoe Plant


Full of color and easy to care for, our bright Kalanchoe plant brings freshness in doors with its soft blooms and full, waxy leaves. May arrive in bud form.

Spathiphyllum Plant


Everyone could use a little peace in their life! Commonly known as the peace lily, our spathiphyllum plant is a favorite among just about everyone and perfect for every occasion. This beautiful plant is long–lasting and has an amazing effect on any room with its lush leaves and white flowers.

Approximately 8″ in diameter.

Red Bromeliad


Red Bromeliad plants add some refreshing color to any space. This unique plant makes a statement with its long lasting blooms and long green leaves. Perfect for bringing a touch of the tropics into the home.

Potted Roses


Looking for a floral gift that will make someone happy? Choose this lovely miniature pink or yellow rose bush. May arrive in bud form.

Pink Mini Orchid


This special, miniature double stem phalaenopsis in pinks and purples is a wonderful gift for all occasions. May arrive in bud form.

Money Tree in Woven Basket


Add a touch of luck and freshness to any room with our braided money tree in a charming woven basket. This popular houseplant plant thrives indoors and is perfect to bring good fortune to any space.

Comfort Planter


Comfort Planter


Our stylish and sophisticated white ceramic planter holds an elegant 8″ peace lily plant, which exhibits brilliant white tear-shaped blooms amongst dark green foliage for a simply beautiful effect. For the final accent, the ceramic planter is tied with a single white ribbon with the word, “Comfort,” printed on it in black lettering, making this a wonderful way to say your final farewell and offer your sympathies to those left behind.