Substitution Policy

Substitution Policy

To guarantee the freshest bouquet possible, our florists may replace some stems in your arrangement for color or flower variety. While we always do the best to match the picture shown, sometimes different vases may be used. Any substitution made will be similar to the original design and be of equal or greater value.

As professional Vicgarden Florists, we guarantee consumer satisfaction with every floral order sent through vicsgarden for delivery. If a consumer is not satisfied with the purchased vicsgarden product, we, as quality vicsgarden Member Florists, will send a replacement or refund the full purchase price within seven days of receipt of the Vicsgarden order.

Vicsgarden recognizes that substitutions may be necessary to ensure arrangements are delivered in a timely manner. The utmost care and attention must be given to all orders to ensure the flowers are as similar in style and value as possible to the requested item. The Visgarden policy regarding the substitution of floral or plant items listed in the recipe as follows:

  1. When substitution is absolutely necessary:
    • The filling member shall notify the sending member of the substitution and the reason therefore.
    • The sending member shall notify the customer of such substitution.
    • When a customer complaint results from improper substitution, the filling member must make a satisfactory replacement or, if the customer requests a refund, pay an adjustment to the sending florist.
  2. The utmost care should be taken to maintain the overall design integrity of the arrangement. For example, line flowers shall be substituted for lines and round flowers for round and there shall be no substitution in the type of arrangement, that is, no change in arrangement size or volume.
  3. In arrangements of assorted flowers, if at all possible, the colors shown in the recipe should be used, even if this means substituting other varieties of flowers of equal or greater value.
  4. In arrangements of all one type of flower such as all roses, the variety (e.g., red roses) is of first importance, preceding color in this instance only.
  5. In arrangements of one type of plant, such as orchids, every attempt will be made to match plant type and colors of equal or greater value.
  6. If the container shown online is not available, a similar container of equal or greater value will be used unless codified.
  7. There shall be no substitution in the type of arrangement, that is, no change in arrangement size or shape.
  8. Do not substitute: containers for sprays, baskets for wreaths, foliage plants for blooming plants, cut flowers for corsages, plants for flowers, or permanent arrangements for fresh arrangements.

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